Find Inspiration for Your Next Party From These Surprising Places

Think that Google searches and Pinterest are the only ways to find great party ideas? Then you might want to check out some of these other cool places to find inspiration too!

Wedding Festivals and Shows

While bridal shows are focused on all things wedding, there are still many great reasons to attend if you are not a bride or know anyone getting married. Besides having an abundance of great-tasting food, these shows are packed with lots of fun and there’s no shortage of ideas for decorations. Since vendors are trying to win your business by putting their best foot forward, you are likely to see some of the most creative backdrops and displays that they have to offer as well as the latest trends. Even better, since you are able to see the displays up close and in person, you can take as many pictures as you like to get an sense of what it may take to recreate such a display. You can even ask the vendor about the display and most of the time, they will be more than happy to share with you the elements they put together to create the look along with where to purchase or rent them.

Another benefit of attending bridal shows is that many of the same vendors that are used for weddings are also needed for parties & other special events such as DJ’s, caterers, photographers, and bakers. These shows usually cost anywhere between $10 – $20 or less and the food samplings you get are delicious. Not only do you have an opportunity to get to know different vendors and what they offer, you can also sign up to receive discounts off of their packages which are generally much less than the wedding packages they offer.  Oh, and did I mention all the food? 😉

Local Venues

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit some of your local event venues to find inspiration. Sure, you can look up the gallery on their website but there are benefits to visiting the venue in person as well. For one, you get a sense of the space and may find it could be a suitable option for the event you are hosting. If the venue hosts events regularly, they will undoubtedly have a large gallery of pictures to show you that you can gain inspiration from. Many times, they will have more pictures in-house than on the website because they often lack the time to keep their websites updated regularly. Seeing many more pictures of a venue decorated in many ways will surely get your creative juices flowing for what you can do with your own event. And if you really make a good impression, the person you’re working with may even be able to offer you additional hidden discounts on their rental fees or other services as well.

Event Rental Companies

One of my favorite places to find inspiration is with one of the rental companies that I use regularly for my events. Any time I visit, I get to see the latest inventory they have available for rent as well as ideas for the latest project I am working on at the time. This is a great benefit because, like venues, rental companies often aren’t able to keep their product catalog updated with all of the items they have to offer and many times will have much more in stock that what’s listed online or in their brochure.

Rental companies often set up for many of your local venues and are very familiar with layouts and spaces as well. Not only that, rental companies have to keep up with the latest trends to a certain degree in order to meet customer demand so they can usually help you with ideas for the event that you’re hosting. Many times, you will find that if you go in to an event rental company and ask for help with setting up your event, there’s someone there that is more than happy to help you creatively lay out your space and think of things you haven’t been able to. One thing you’re not going to be able to get from Pinterest is ideas on how to best fill the space in which you are hosting your event to accommodate for things such as number of guests, type of event, time of day/year, etc.

While it’s easy for you to be inundated with ideas from Pinterest or Google, often you will find that you can not only be inspired, but save some money in the process, if you look for inspiration locally.

Check out pics from the Wedding Festival I attended today and be sure to leave your comments below. Cheers!


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